Stack Exchange Kicks Off New Open Data Forum – Check It Out!!

By Matthew Tenney

“Open Data Stack Exchange is a question and answer site

for developers and researchers interested in open data.

It’s 100% free, no registration required.”


For those of you familiar with Stack Exchange already it is a pleasant sight to find the new Open Data forum online. If you are just now becoming acquainted with the site, welcome to a community of active and knowledgeable individuals where you can further hone your Open Data chops!  Open Data - Stack Exchange Beta is up and running!

Open Data – Stack Exchange Beta is up and running!

While the site is just budding, it has already seen an impressive number of stimulating questions and is carrying a 94% answered rate! Not only will you have leading experts in the fields of computer science and spatial technologies the new Open Data forum welcomes experts in participation, organizational, and data theory.

The range of questions and depth of answers is also driven totally by YOU! So don’t hesitate to post, comment, and answer question with this great resource for those of us interested in Open Data.